US Executive ® Teams with only the absolute best & continues to seek US & Foreign Teaming Partners with companies that have similar core values for its Supplier Diversity Program (Teaming/JV, Subcontractor, Support Services & Suppliers). If your company believes in Hard Work, Honesty, Integrity, Transparency & Not Taking Shortcuts – US Executive ® would like to speak with you.

How US Executive ® approaches development and implementation of the supplier development program and the reasons why it matters support differentiation that excites and creates opportunities.

At US Executive ® since our inception we aim to help organizations, individuals and groups on their journey towards establishing effective communication links that promote healthy relationships with chosen partners, organically enhance commercial excellence, provide growth opportunities and identify areas that might benefit from additional support for future wealth.

It is for companies that have identified the business case and need for diverse suppliers and are looking for practical support and guidance on how to engage them within appropriate supply chains.

At US Executive ® we believe that commercial excellence can be achieved by building support networks that mutually focus on effective communication, strategic approach and ethos of continuous development that is engraved in our business spine.

Suppliers for GeoBizOps are incremental organs of our commercial body that through a controlled and systematic approach to sourcing the best quality products and services provided by various partners we maintain profitability and drive effectiveness.

We trust that having a solid foundation in the form of a corporate supplier diversity program equals several advantages for long-term sustainability and engagement – Core 3

Reduction of costs

During the times of setting up new agreements or contracts with new suppliers, there are usually major delays associated with time and parties involved in verifying the right data and agreeing on the final words, however, we believe that by cooperating in a mutually beneficial relationship with key suppliers, a company can strive for cost savings over the long term.

We strive to establish and maintain good relationships with suppliers that will deliver cost savings, reduce availability problems, delays and quality issues, providing additional opportunities for expansion and better service for the consumer.

Heightened efficiency

At US Executive® we believe that communication is the key to develop strong and healthy relationships with our suppliers. This way they gain a more complete understanding of the businesses they serve, our corporate focus, the value of partnership and diverse sources, which further allows them to meet their needs more effectively.

We trust that the healthy working relationship between supplier and client as well as between suppliers themselves will eliminate any issues or decrease their intensity.

A Merger of the supply chains

As specific areas of both the supplier’s and buyer’s business work together, this allows both parties to better understand the inner goals of each other. In some cases, both parties will be able to adapt their working practices and operations to better accommodate the objectives of partners, and that can lead to further efficiencies and operational advantages.

The merger of the supply chain significantly increases chances to reduce the number of suppliers they work with which streamlines the commercial processes while simplifying operations and profit-making activities.

At US Executive® we strive to build the best possible supplier relationships that reflect the cultural diversity of the communities in which our customers operate. We provide an opportunity for various organizations to become our partners. Through our registration process, we provide more options to supplier partners which mean more value for our customers and their guests.

We encourage all prospective supplier partners to Register. Please note that registered suppliers are given consideration only when there is a need for a new bid or contract for a particular product or service.

Our Supplier Diversity Program enables developing strategic partnerships with companies whose culture and values are close to our vision, mission and values. We are committed to the key areas of the Diversity Principle of Social Responsibility as identified by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM):

  • Proactively promote purchasing from developing socially diverse suppliers.
  • Encourage diversity within US Executive ® and its customers.
  • Proactively promote diverse employment practices throughout the supply chain.

Become a Partner

The process is simple and only requires to register with us to be considered for future supplier partnerships. The next steps is evaluation, a process that determines if your organization’s eligibility can be included in Our procurement activities and whether it matches our corporate mission.

Please note that the registration process might be extended in time, therefore allow a minimum of 30 days, registered suppliers are typically considered in times where there is a need for a new bid, a contract or an opportunity for a particular product or service to be launched.

Our Process

To join us, please start with registering your interest by simply sending us an email with your questions, corporate profile and   your company’s information that might be further searchable by our strategic sourcing team.

Supplier Registration

Please bear in mind that sending an email that expresses an interest in joining our Supplier network does not guarantee an approval for doing business with US Executive®. Completing the registration does NOT guarantee that your company will receive a contract, nor does it imply that your company has any type of procurement relationship with US Executive ®.

Once you have successfully registered, you will be added to our database of potential suppliers. If your company is selected to participate in Our sourcing events, you will be contacted by a dedicated member of our Team.

Thank you,

US Executive®

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