Rehabilitation and Renovation Services

US Executive’s ® Special Projects Program

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Rehabilitation and Renovation Services

Rehabilitation and Renovation Services

Partner/Client Name:  United Field Services

Geographical Area:     United States (Nationwide)

Top (3) NAICS

236118 Addition, Alteration & Renovation (i.e., Construction), Residential Building
541330 Construction Engineering Services
236115 Construction Management, Single-family Building

Special Project • Rehabilitation and Renovation Services

Special Projects Program

Rehabilitation and Renovation Services

US Executive ® works with the United Field Service’s Team providing EXPERT:

Product & Service Support

As a Full-service Home Renovation Company, we Specialize in all Types of Home Renovation & Rehabilitation Projects.

We offer Nationwide Access to High-quality Rehabilitation & Renovation Services. We work with a Large Vendor Network of Experienced, Vetted & Licensed Contractors who can help you get even the Toughest Renovations completed on Time/Budget.

While choosing a Company for your Home Renovation, it is crucial to Team/Partner with One who has Extensive Experience & provides a Comprehensive Approach. We are a Reliable Project Partner whether you are renovating a Bathroom, installing New Kitchen Appliances, or remodeling the Entire House, we provide Professional Quality & Attention to your Home, no matter the Size or Scope.


Whole House Remodel/Renovation Program

Our Whole Home Remodel/Renovation Program allow our Clients to 1.) Save Thousands of Dollars Annually on Utility Bills, 2.) Receive Federal & State Rebates & 3.) Build the Home of their Dreams. Planning & Organizing Whole House Renovations is a Major Project & we Support our Clients from Beginning to End. The Planning & Construction can feel Daunting, Time-consuming, & Difficult to Manage, but we make the Process look easy using their Professional, Uniformed Crews that keep the Process Cost-effective & Enjoyable.

Based on your Plans, Budget & Expectations, we will offer a Unique SMART Building Approach & organize the Renovation, making it run Smoothly & Professionally. Our NATIONWIDE Remodeling Contractors complete each of your Requirements by turning your Dream Property into Reality.


Bathroom Renovations

In Home Renovations, the Bathroom is one of the Main Rooms Clients want to Renovate First. The Bathroom should accommodate the Entire Household & meet everyone’s varying Bathroom Needs, especially if it’s to be used by Children and/or Disabled Family Members. Therefore, it requires thorough Planning & Detail-oriented Approach for Organizing the Construction.

Whether you need to Renovate your Bathroom to increase Comfort, Safety, or to improve its Aesthetics of the Home, we can help & offer the Custom Design & Construction Services tailored for your Renovation Project.


Kitchen Renovation

A newly remodeled kitchen may increase the property value of your real estate and make your home more livable. A fully renovated kitchen is most certainly worthy of investing money, time, and effort.

However, it can be costly and time-consuming. You can avoid the most comment mistakes if you fully understand the process before you begin and trust your kitchen renovation to a professional team of contractors.


General Contracting Services

United Field Services provides a variety of general contracting services, including electrical services, estimation, plumbing, concrete and masonry additions, and repairs, mold removal, appliance repairs, home Inspections for buyers and sellers of real estate properties.


Our Approach to Remodeling Projects

No matter what type of rehab you need to tackle, United Field Services can work with you to create a restoration plan that will take into account the specific needs of your property as well as your budget for repairs. Renovation can include everything from replacing woodwork that may have been damaged in a fire to pulling out entire kitchens and bathrooms that need to have updated appliances and fixtures added.

Simple renovations would include updating the paint on the walls, ceilings, and baseboards and possibly removing and replacing the flooring—relatively straightforward repairs that can be completed quickly and cost-effectively.

  • All Renovation Projects are Completed Quickly & Professionally
  • Nationwide Coverage of all Services
  • Our Uniformed Crew are Renovation EXPERTS
  • Rehabilitation and Renovation Service A+ Ratings
  • SMART & Sustainable Remodeling & Renovation Projects Greatly Increase the Value of the Property
  • Tight-turnaround (On-Time/Budget) Projects are Planned & Completed as Guaranteed
  • We perform all Residential Renovation Types
  • We Guarantee Open & Consistent Reporting & Communications

About Our General Contractors Network

Through our Vast Nationwide Network, we Partner with only the Absolute Best Contractors & Vendors capable of meeting Aggressive Timelines & able to assure High-quality Rehab & Renovation Services with Excellent Follow-up Maintenance Services. We properly keep you up to date on the Latest Laws, Policies & Codes, as well as making certain that all Procedures are being Properly Administered.

From Beginning to End of the Project, our Main Priority/Concern is your Satisfaction. Our Goal is to get you back in the Home, so you may enjoy your Investment! Contact us today to learn how we will Successfully Manage your Renovation Project.


Renovation Services

  • Appliance Installation & Repairs
  • Bathroom Remodeling & Renovations
  • Cabinet Installation & Repair
  • Concrete, Masonry & Asphalt Additions
  • Cost Estimating Services
  • Disaster Clean-Up
  • Flooring & Tile Services
  • General Contracting Services
  • Home Inspections
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Services
  • Mold Removal & Abatement
  • Roofing Services
  • & Much, Much More…

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