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US Executive’s ® Facilities Management/Base Operations &
Support Services (BOSS) Program

US Executive ® takes Range Management & Cleanup very seriously. We all love shooting weapons, but it must always be done in a Safe & Environmentally Friendly way and that is where our expertise comes in. We take a “Whole Approach” to Range Management where US Executive ® provides its Clientele a Guaranteed Facility Full Product Lifecycle. US Executive ® LEED Designs, SMART Builds & then provides the Professional Systems-Certified & Factory-Trained SME Support Staff for the Long-term Management & Maintenance of each Facility. This approach saves our Clientele a tremendous amount of time and money by having US Executive ® protect their investment from the beginning to end.

We have Managed the Construction of several Special Forces Facilities under this model in the US, Qatar & Jordan, and not only have the Facilities stayed in nearly new condition, but its Environmental Impact/Footprint has remained at almost ZERO after 5, 7 & 10 Years.

Our Gun Range Management Services Categories


Our Services

  • Air Testing and Health Risk Assessments
  • Archery & Gun Safety
  • Contaminated Soil Remediation ECOBOND® Lead Treatment Technology
  • Design (Special Forces) & Construction Management Services
  • Environmental and OSHA Compliance Auditing
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Environmental Site Characterization of Soil, Groundwater and Wetlands
  • Environmental Soil Remediation Services
  • Environmental Stewardship Plans
  • Firing Range Filter Treatment Technology
  • Indoor Range Services
  • Lead Reclamation and Recycling
  • Noise Studies and Abatement
  • Range Closure
  • Range Construction/Reconstruction
  • Range Evaluation and Consultation
  • Range Maintenance and Improvements
  • Storm Water Management
  • Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) Support Services

Introducing our New “LIVE & LASER-FIRE” Indoor Modular Shooting Solutions

US-Executive ™ provides complete MODULAR, MOBILE RANGES CONTAINER RANGES & SHOOT HOUSES Live & Laser-Fire Shooting Solutions that are a affordable, alternative training solutions for Military and Law Enforcement professionals.

US-Executive ™ & its Partner Laser Shot are Global Leaders in the Development, Manufacturing, and Fielding of Firearm Simulator systems and Live-Fire Training Facilities. For over 15 years, US-Executive ™ & Laser Shot have Fielded & Sustained Millions of Dollars in Industry-unique Training Systems & Services to Militaries, Federal, State & Local Law Enforcement and other Government Agencies & Ministries Worldwide.

Our line of Real Combat® Training Solutions provides a Full-Spectrum of Comprehensive Systems with intuitive features bundled in distinguishable segments for both Military & Law Enforcement Users. Our EXPERTS represent solid experience in providing broad-based Solutions to Training including:

Modular Ranges

The Modular Small Arms Range (MSAR) is our flagship Small Arms Training Device. Once assembled and anchored in place, it is a complete Turnkey Indoor Small Arms Range supporting Live-Fire & Simulated Small Arms Training & Qualification. It has True 360-degree Positive Ballistic Containment (ZERO-SDZ) so it can be placed anywhere. It includes an Integrated Ventilation System, Bullet Trap, Target System, Shooting Stalls, Lighting, Communications, Security Access System, Control Room with Ballistic Glass Viewing Window, Range Entry Vestibule-Sound/Airlock, Touch Screen Automation System, Anti-Ricochet Treatment and Comprehensive Acoustic Treatment (Exterior & Interior). Our Optional Full-Width Immersive Video Wall Supports both Simulated & Live-Fire Training using Projected Targetry. The MSAR meets the requirements of USAF ETL 11-18, NIOSH 76-130, NEHC–TM6290.99-10 Rev.1, and MIL-HDBK-1027/3B.

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Mobile Ranges

The Mobile Range is a completely Self-contained Live-Fire Training Facility, transportable by Standard Over-the-Road Methods, without special permitting. Available in several target distances including 7, 10, and 25 yards/meters. A “Drive-up” Solution providing On-site, Live-Fire Training. The Mobile Range can be customized to include Monorail Targets, Shooting Booths, and/or our Thermal Shot ™ Live-Fire Simulator. Other custom options available.

Mobile Range System:

Standard Features:

  • 360-degree containment with AR500 armor plate steel provides Zero-Surface-Danger-Zone
  • 100% purge-only ventilation system with 99.97% HEPA-filtered exhaust. Recirc/AC available.
  • 14” ballistic rubber block trap backed with ½” AR500 armor plate rated for ball ammunition 7.62mm x 51
  • Fully insulated (thermal/acoustical)
  • Double air wall ensures shooter air quality and quick contaminant removal
  • Exclusive Thermal Shot™ Live-fire Simulator System
  • Range Master’s Office with complete operator station including:
    • Two-way intercom system
    • Targetry controls
    • Ventilation and lighting system controls
  • Shore power connection
  • DOT approved tandem axle chassis

40’ to Custom Length/Width Container Range – Portable Shooting Solution

US-Executive’s ® Container Range is designed for the person or business with a simple need for a safe place to shoot which is close at hand. It is a modified 40’ shipping container which can be dropped at your site (behind a building, in a parking lot, etc.) and connected to your Electrical Power. It comes outfitted with true 360-Degree Positive Ballistic Containment (ZERO-SDZ) Ballistics, Bullet Trap, OSHA/NIOSH/EPA/NEHAC/NAVFAC Compliant Ventilation System with HEPA Filtration, Lighting, Anti-Ricochet Treatment, Interior & Exterior Acoustic Treatments, and 15’ Target Distance with Target Clamps. Our Thermal Shot Live-Fire Virtual Target System & Length Extensions are Optional. Custom Container-Based Ranges can be designed to meet your particular needs.

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Close Quarter Battle Simulator

Digital Shoot House:

As the LEED Design & SMART Building Design Engineer & Fabricator of the Digital Modular Shoot House, we are able to provide a “Turn-Key” Custom Designed Close Quarters Shooting Facility to match any Department, Agency or Ministry’s Training Objectives & Budget. The Digital Shoot House provides a custom platform to integrate all Real Combat™ technologies, providing a shooter with an immersive 3D virtual world.

Digital Modular Shoot Houses enable Full-Immersion Experiences with Life-Sized, Complete Virtual Worlds Projected onto the walls of the Facility. Each Facility has the ability to “Network with” other Simulations via HLA/DIS Protocols. Breaching Options include Explosive, Pry, Ram & Shotgun Breaching Doors & “Break-n-Rake” Breaching Windows.

  • Available with Man-Moveable Walls for Continual Interior Reconfiguration
  • Built to your specific needs – available in almost any size with two-story configurations available
  • Includes 99.97% HEPA Filtrated HVAC System
  • Exclusive Thermal Shot™ Live Fire Virtual Targetry System provides an Immersive Close Quarters Training Environment
  • Includes a complete Integrated Operator Station
  • Shore Power Connection standard with Live-Fire Facilities (Diesel Generator Optional)

Battle House:

Battle House package includes:

  • Thermal ShotTM Live-Fire Virtual Targetry System
  • Engage Virtual Human Targets with Live-Fire
  • Accurately Track Live-Fire Round Placement
  • Compatible with SESAMS Training Rounds
  • Lasershot Virtual Shoothouse (LVS) Courseware

Easily customize scenarios:

  • Life-size 3D Characters with Anatomy
  • Interactive Virtual Environment
  • Advanced AAR Capabilities
  • Live Fire Shoot House

Modular & Expandable:

  • 360° Training Environment
  • Bolt-together Construction
  • Superior Bullet Containment
  • Proven Performance & Reliability
  • Reconfigurable Interior for Multiple Layouts
  • Dura-Panel™ and Dura-Bloc™ Technology

Ballistic & Non-Ballistic Shoot Houses:

CQB Basic Package:

The CQB Basic package focuses on high levels of immersion and tactical realism.

  • 2D/3D Dynamic Virtual Characters
  • Instructor Control Stations with Remote Control Options
  • Detailed AAR with Simulated POV Cam
  • Door, Window & Motion Sensors
  • Realistic Target Engagement Zones
  • Voice recognition: English (Custom Languages Available)

CQB Full Immersion Package:

The CQB Full Immersion Package includes all the components of the basic package as well as several additional options to increase the level of immersion as well as the tactical capabilities of the simulation.

  • Wireless position tracking
  • Closed Circuit TV
  • Enhanced AAR with flagging
  • Force feedback options
  • Free-standing animated middle space targets
  • Biometric feedback and recording in real-time
  • Immersive artificial intelligence (reactions) and direct interactions
  • Tactical directional sound
  • Olfactory enhancements for sensory stimulation
  • Voice recognition add-ons, any language

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NRA-Endorsed & Approved Practice Range at Home

Practice Makes Perfect & US Executive ® provides the affordable, “Practice at Home”, NRA-Approved, LASR (Laser Activated Shot Reporter) System.

How It Works:

LASR runs on your computer, tablet or phone and uses its camera to watch the targets for laser impacts from the laser-bullet inserts & training pistols.

When LASR detects impacts, it instantly reports the hit with an audible tone, the exact location, how fast you were and can also provide diagnostic feedback.

Full-Spectrum Coaching:

Users may practice accuracy, speed, or anything they want and LASR will provide the key feedback to help its User improve.

More Value:

LASR has been constantly updated with improvements and new features since 2012. It far exceeds the capabilities of any other dry-fire tool available within its price range.

You may use LASR with ANY targets including multiple targets and it works with ANY laser device, including inserts for your real firearms and dedicated training pistols.


Turn your room into a multi-directional practice range or turn your house into a Shoot House! LASR Networking allows you to connect multiple devices together to provide synchronized controls and feedback.

Networking is available in LASR X only.


Dry fire practice doesn't have to be a chore. The LASR “Challenges” provide clear scoring, rewarding goals, and a fun progression, all while helping you to become a better shooter.

Challenges are available in LASR X only.


The LASR “Community” allows you to download pre-made courses of fire that automatically run in the LASR Software. These courses are made by other Users and you can even contribute your own! Create Competitions around the World!

“Community” Exercises are available in LASR Classic only.

What are your training goals? We cover it all!

CCW/Self Defense • Competition • Instructors • Mil/LE/Professional

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Gun Range Products

As well as providing Range Management Services, we Team/Partner with www.GeoBasket.com to provide an entire host of Range Management Products.

Note: EPA Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges


US Executive ® has the Capabilities, Expertise and Proven Track Record to Execute Range Management Service Contracts Successfully. As with all other Procurement & Design-Build Programs, US Executive ® Strategies and Solution are completely Customizable and may also include additional Support Services.

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