US Executive ® is one of the fastest-growing supply chain consolidators within the field of business services in the world. Our credo is grounded in growth acceleration through innovation.

By focusing on diverse business needed, acquiring know-how, complementing and further strengthening our global eco-systems to provide authentic database of supply chains that are interconnected and consolidated to our customers – some of the world’s major Governments, OEMs as well as numerous associations and institutions.

For them, being able to source business knowledge base of specialists from a single source delivers huge benefits, not just in time and cost, but also in helping to plan efficiently for future years.

US Executive’s company structure provides innovative synergies as well as a continuously expanding portfolio of on-demand services that allows us to be closer to our customers and react to their needs. 

US Executive ® is an independent component of supply chain in business. We are an integrator of suppliers to major Government bodies, OEMs across automotive , aerospace, real estate, technology, facilities and other core business sectors. We provide the guidance for Governments across the world on the best supplier selection process as well as act as a single source of the optimal partners. We have been building trust for years and now it is the time to share it…

US Executive ® is proud to support the business development and growth of worldwide associations as well as benefit from their rich educational benefits, networking and other expansion opportunities provided by a variety of expertise within their frames such as professional training and development programs.

Prime & Subcontract Pre-qualification

To further Support & Fast-Track its Clientele’s Global Project requirements, US Executive ® has in-place, an extensive network of US and Foreign Government Officials/Advisors, Public/Private C-Level Business Leaders & other Decision-makers, Consultants, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers and Manufacturers across the Manufacturing, AEC/EPC, Technology, Facilities and O&M marketplaces to ease Life Support, Security, Customs, Import/Export, Permits, Licensing, Labor and other critical requirements for Project/Program Opportunities in 130+ Countries.

As with our own SMEs, all potential Teaming Partners (Supply & Service) must undergo an extensive Pre-Qualification/Background Investigation conducted by US Executive’s ® Risk Team and verified by its own network of assets within the Local Law Enforcement, Defense, Technology & Government Industries.

To fast-track all Projects/Programs, following Award, US Executive’s ® Teaming Partner, under provisions in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) & Agreement, immediately provides US Executive ®  access/usage of their International Offices, Support Staff, Housing, Security and all other “Mission-Critical” resources throughout the areas of Operation. This saves US Executive’s ® Clientele and enormous amount of time & money by almost eliminating the normal Mobilization Period and allowing works to begin almost immediately.

US Executive ® is extremely proud to work alongside and be Colleagues with these Global Assets as Trusted & Authorized Partners & Distributors of Materials, Manpower & Equipment on AEC/EPC Projects, Technology & Facility Programs.