Laundry Services

US Executive’s ® Facilities Management/Base Operations &
Support Services (BOSS) Program

Reducing Labor Rates by 50% or More!

US Executive ™ is a “One-Stop Laundry Service Provider to industries worldwide.

US Executive ™ is the Leading Commercial Laundry Service in 130+ Countries for the US Department of Defense and the following Industries:

  • Restaurant Laundry Services
  • Medical Laundry Services
  • Uniform Laundry Services
  • Hotel Laundry Services
  • Towel Laundry Services
  • Facility Services

In addition, we assist other laundry providers with Bail-out Services in the event of breakdowns or difficulties.

Through our comprehensive solutions, our Clientele enjoy:

  • Perfect Presentations every time
  • Peace of mind – Each Client’s linens are processed separately and never mingle with linens of others.
  • Increased Business/Employee Productivity
  • A Commitment to the Environment – through our Green Initiative and Ecolab Products
  • Greater Efficiencies
  • “Pay as you Go” Plans that help control budgets
  • One-day Turnarounds
  • Plus, Across-the-Board Savings on Time, Resources, Floor Space & Utilities

US Executive ™ Services include:

  • Complete Laundry Solutions, including Pick Up, Washing, Drying, Ironing, Packaging & Delivery
  • Laundry Plans Customized for your Facility
  • Quality Control Inspections & Reporting
  • Linen Reclaim Services
  • Delivery Dependability
  • 97% of On-time Deliveries Worldwide
  • 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Accountability of Linen in Transit
  • Customer Service Program
  • 24/7 Customer Service Assistance
  • Scheduled On-site Visits

Support for Linen Management Function:

  • Inventory Planning
  • New Linen Injection
  • Linen Handling Training
  • Linen Committee

US Executive ™ is committed to its Clients, Employees, and to the Environment. US Executive ™ believes in Personalized Service, Efficiency, Professional Excellence and the Highest Standard in Quality Assurance & Quality Control.