Janitorial, COVID-19 Sanitation & Disinfection Services

US Executive’s ® Facilities Management/Base Operations &
Support Services (BOSS) Program

Your facility’s health and appearance are critical to projecting the right image and with HSE concerns at the forefront, Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services are an integral part of any Facility Service Solution. US Executive ® combines today’s latest technology and solutions to assist our Management Staff & other Professionally Trained Team Members in Design and Implement a Comprehensive & Responsive Cleaning Program for each Client.

COVID-19 Sanitation & Disinfection Services

Our Top Priority during this On-going Public Health Emergency is to help Prevent the Spread of the Virus & Protect your Employees while Minimizing the Impact to your Mission & Operations. Our Experts Train, Equip and Mobilize Teams to Support your Organization, ensuring the Cleanliness & Safety for all of your Employees.

Keeping your Facilities Safe and Clean

Whether it’s a Vehicle, Base, Firehouse or your Corporate HQ, US Executive ® has already started providing these Critical Capabilities across the US to rapidly prepare for the demands arising from the COVID-19 Response over the coming weeks and months.

Cleaning and Sanitization Services

We’ll work with your Team to determine the appropriate methods needed to ensure your Facilities are not only safe but exceed the minimum Standards of Cleanliness. With our Program, you can make additions to the cleaning frequency and/or priority areas based on your company’s unique needs. And when necessary, we can send additional Manpower to specific sites when the need arises.

Decontamination Services

Our Decontamination Teams are highly trained, allowing them to work safely and effectively. Decontamination Services are available for just about all spaces: Single & Shared Spaces, Meeting Rooms, Courtrooms, Live/Workspaces, Low-High Usage Rooms, Office Floors, and Kitchens where the utilization of other methods can be challenging. Our Services can be provided both On-shore and Off-shore.

Compliance Expertise

We have adapted Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to the CDC’s COVID-19 Cleaning Guidelines for affected facilities. Our Team possesses the Guidance & Knowledge to tailor CDC-compliant Cleaning and Decontamination Services to best suit the needs of your Facilities, Customers and Stakeholders. We will ensure all guidelines recommended by CDC for Sanitizing or Decontamination have been applied.

Training & Equipment

Our Workforce includes experienced Housekeeping and Aseptic Cleaning & Safety Staff. We are Highly trained in Specialty Procedures to provide Professional Deep Cleaning, Sanitization, and Advanced Decontamination Services. All Employees are equipped with the necessary Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and trained in their proper use.

Established Vendor Networks

Our Extensive Supply Chain, built through years of proven industry relationships, help us source the Cleaning Products & Chemicals necessary for Decontaminating/Disinfecting Facilities. The ability to stock and replenish our Warehouses with Essential Equipment and Supplies in the required quantities allows us to more efficiently deploy resources to meet our Clients’ needs regardless of scale.