HR Outsourcing (HRO)/ASO & Recruitment Process

US Executive’s ® Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Program

“US Executive ® is your fast, affordable & full-service Government, Defense & Aid-Compliant HR & Special Staffing/Recruiting EXPERTS…”

US Executive ®, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Members & Industry-recognized Human Resources & Staffing/Recruiting Experts, believe that Business, Non-Profits & Public/Private Organizations of all types & sizes should have access to Professional HR/Recruiting Management/Tools without the increased Time & Money necessary to Hire & Manage an HR & Staffing/Recruiting Team & Department.

To support each of US Executive's ® Client/Partner Recruiting & HR Compliance needs, US Executive's ® Team of HR & Recruiting Experts, provide both Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)/ASO & Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services. Both Services/Solutions are perfect for all Business sizes, Non-profits or other Public/Private Organization types, but are particularly successful & cost-effective for Small/Mid-size Organizations. HRO/ASO is for US Executive's ® Client/Partners that require both HR & Recruiting Solutions & RPO is for those that require Recruiting support only.

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)/ASO Solutions

US Executive ® provides flexible, creative, affordable & custom-built Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) & Administrative Services Organization (ASO) Solutions:

What is an ASO? Administrative Services Organizations (ASO) provide HR Administration, Payroll Support, Regulatory Compliance & Benefits Administration, but does not operate under a Co-employment Model. Your business remains the Employer of Record (EOR) and is responsible for all legal obligations that come with it. US Executive's ® flexible ASO Business Solutions cater to each Client/Partner's needs so they may get back to growing their Business.

“US Executive ® is flexible & one of only a few HR & Staffing/Recruiting Companies in the world that can offer Multiple Solutions & Custom-Build a Solution that best fits each Client/Partner's requirements.”

Security-Cleared Special Staffing & Recruiting • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Solutions

What is RPO? Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is when US Executive’s ® Client/Partners transfer all or part of their permanent Recruiting to their Team of Experts. As a trusted RPO Provider US Executive ® acts as an extension of their Client/Partner’s HR function, working on site with the Client when necessary & providing a truely holistic hiring solution. This solution works very well for most business, saving them both time & money.

Custom-built Programs

After completing a thorough HR & Staffing/Recruiting “Needs Assessment” & review of the Client/Partner’s current HR/Recruiting Program, US Executive ® EXPERTS then Custom Design/Builds a New HRO/ASO or RPO Program with the Tools & Technology necessary to meet each of their current Client/Partner requirements, including Budget & long-term Plans/Goals.

US Executive’s ® HR/Recruiting EXPERTS not only provide access to the absolute best/latest Talent, Tools & Technologies thru its Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Program, but it also helps its Clients Design/Build & Develop:

  • Effective, Goal-oriented Policies & Procedure Manuals
  • The Compilations of essential function Job Descriptions
  • Assessments of Physical Abilities & New Hire Competencies
  • A Program that meets State & Federal Regulatory Compliance
  • Case Management for ADA, FMLA or Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • A Program that provides for Disability Management
  • A Program that includes Expert Testimony & Litigation Support

Putting your Plan into Action • 24/7 Support

US Executive ® Team Members are always extremely exciting each time they launch a new HRO/ASO or RPO program for a Client/Partner. Depending on the New HRO/ASO or RPO Program’s design & level of support required by the Client/Partner, US Executive’s ® EXPERTS work with each to make certain each launch is a SUCCESS! US Executive ® helps launch new HRO/ASO or RPO Program with as much fanfare as desired & each Client/Partner if given access to US Executive’s ® 24/7 HR/Staffing Hotline so they are always fully protected.

10 Reasons why Client/Partners Outsource their HR Development & Recruiting to US Executive ®

Following the implementation of US Executive’s ® Dedicated HRO/ASO or RPO Expert/Program, each Client/Partner will benefit with:

1. Improve Company’s Focus
2. Reduced Operating Costs & more Control
3. More Resources to be used for other purposes
4. Access to World-Class Capabilities
5. Resources not available internally
6. Re-engineering (accelerated) Benefits

7. Reduce Time to Market
8. Shared Risks
9. Near-Shore (Florida, USA) & Off-Shore (Philippines & India) Savings & Capabilities
10. Better Management & Compliance

US Executive ® makes its Products & Service affordable, especially for Start-up & all types of Small Businesses & Government Contractors. Please see below & Contact US Executive ® Today! They will immediately Design/Build an HRO/ASO or RPO Program to match your Budget so that your Employees are Protected & your Business is Compliant.

All-in-One HR/Recruiting Solution

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) &
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