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Home Inspection Services

Home Inspection Services

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Special Project • Home Inspection Services

Special Projects Program

Home Inspection Services

US Executive ® works with the United Field Service’s Team providing EXPERT:

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We Provide Accurate Property Inspection Services

We provide a Full Range of Property Inspection Services tailored to each Client’s needs. These range from Routine Occupancy Inspections to Full Home Inspections, which identify any issues throughout the Property. With our professional approach to Mortgage Field Inspection Services, we aim to help Clients minimize & mitigate loss by quickly identifying issues throughout their Asset Inventory, bringing Early-stage REO Process Identification to the Client. From there, our Team of Licensed Home Inspectors provide Bids for Repairs to immediately remediate all issues.

Our Long-term Relationships with both our Clients & Inspectors translate into an Extraordinarily Reliable Service for the Client. Additionally, we work with Professional Inspectors throughout the United States & match Clients with the Inspector who best meet their needs for Location, Timeliness, Quality & Services.

We only deploy Inspectors who are Pre-Qualified, Background Screened & Licensed in their respective Fields for Specialty Inspections, such as Roof, HVAC, Electrical, Structural, etc. All Licenses & Insurance Policies are verified and kept up to date through our rigorous Vendor Application Process. This ensures that all Inspections are Accurate & protects our Client’s Safety & Security.


Home Inspection Services

  • Each of our Inspectors deploy the use of the Latest Technology to provide Accurate Results with a FAST Turnaround Time.
  • Every Inspection includes Detailed Photos of the Property showing all required Areas.
  • Detailed Reports are provided depending on the Type of Inspection that is required.

Types of Home Inspection Services

Occupancy Inspection Service

With the help of our occupancy inspection service, you can learn the occupancy status of the property. The occupancy inspection report includes the full name, contact information of the occupant, rental information, etc. We conduct a professional, discreet inspection and report the data quickly.

Quality Control Inspection Services

To provide the highest quality service you expect from us, we make sure that our quality control inspection reports are accurate and a result of a detailed examination.
All our inspectors are trained and have years of experience in the field.

Specialty Inspections Services

Home inspectors in our network are specialized to conduct various types of specialty services including but not limited to the following services: irrigation systems, gas leak detection, home safety, etc.

Full Home Inspection Services

The full home inspection services will cover the following areas: exterior and interior walls, grading/drainage, roof, foundation & structure, floors, ceiling, doors, windows, electrical, plumbing, etc. The final report will include details and analysis regarding the condition of the property.

Roof Inspection Services

The roof inspection will cover roof condition assessment, detailed roof evaluation, infrared moisture survey, leak investigation, and document all possible issues in a comprehensive report.

HVAC Inspection Services

Our accredited technicians with considerable expertise will perform assessments of HVAC equipment quickly and by maintaining high-quality standards.
Other services: electrical inspection, structural/foundation inspection, septic inspection, well inspections, mold remediation.

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