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US Executive ® provides Global Travel Management & Life Support Services to Organizations of all Types/Sizes (Public & Private).

Businesses • US & Allied Governments • Organizations • Consumers • Volunteers

For our Self-Service Online Booking System, our Customers never pay a fee & enjoy a 100% Low-Price GUARANTEE. The System may also be used by your entire family (21 years old & younger). Additionally, there are always ADDITIONAL SAVINGS for our HEROES:

Active Duty, Veterans, First Responders, Teachers & Government Employees.

Verification & Registration is Required. Save $1,000’s Annually! Save $1,000’s Annually!

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Book Your Travel Online 24/7 • Low-Price Travel Guarantees • Save up to 60%

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Our Low-Price “Online Booking” GUARANTEE is Simple!

Built for those who like Booking their own Travel • It is Safe/Secure & Awesomely Fast. Following a Quick Registration • Test it • Add your Travel Plans! Now, you have one hour to find a cheaper price for the same Travel Package. If you find it less expensive anywhere online, please send us the details, we’ll investigate, tweak our code, refund you the difference & then gladly donate $100 to your favorite Charity!

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“Your Team’s Travel & Life Support Services are SAFE with Us!”

It doesn’t matter if you are Booking for your Business or Home Team, your Travel is Safe/Secure with US Executive ® . All Booking Information/Data (Online or by Telephone) are Protected by our Partners & America’s Very Best Cyber Program – ConnectWise.

Providing Global Travel Technology & Hands-on Life Support Services comes naturally to each US Executive ® Travel & Life Support Agent. It’s in our GENETCS! We are Highly Skilled Techs & remain Laser-focused on each Client’s Satisfaction, Safety & the overall Quality of each Product or Service provided. As Industry-recognized US Security-Cleared Administrative, Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting ServiceProviders to the Government, Defense & Aid Industries, US Executive ® is PROUDto provide these Professional Support Services to our own Employees, the US Government, their Large Prime Contractors, the UN, NATO, various Aid Agencies and all Development Banks in 130+ Countries.

US Executive ® GLOBAL Travel Management Services

US Executive ® GLOBAL
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We are putting Veterans to Work Every Single Day!

Are you a Business, Government Entity, Consumer or Volunteer? Then we can help with your Travel Arrangements.

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Traveling for Business or Pleasure, Need Help with Booking Online or Person, we are here to Help 24/7. Multi-Lingual.

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Join Us! We Treat your Team Members as our Family.

US Executive ®. Team Members receive the Absolute Best, Safest & Most Affordable Team Members receive the Absolute Best, Safest & Most Affordable GLOBAL Life Support Services – provided by its own Highly-Skilled & Certified Internal Providers & Partners.

Let your Team Focus on the Job at Hand • We’ll Manage the Rest!

Working with our Pre-Qualified, Professional Teaming Partners & other Assets in 130+ Countries, US Executive ® not only provides its “Mission-Critical” Life Support Services to the Government, Defense & Aid Industries, but also to most TOP 100 Businesses in the AEC, Energy, Technology, Manufacturing & 60+ other Industries.

Our Services are GUARANTEED to be On-Time & Budget!

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Let us Save your Company even more Time & Money!

Most Clients never realize how closely tied the Travel & Life Support Markets are to our O&M/Multi-Industry Outsourcing Service Sectors (including Logistics & GLOBAL Supply Chain Management).

To save our Clientele even more Time & Money, US Executive ®. also manages (2) Sister Companies that Distribute FAR-DFAR Compliant Products to Organizations that are located in some of the most austere environments in the world.

No matter what your Team re quires to properly concentrate/focus on their duties, responsibilities and other tasks at hand, US Executive ®. will provide 24/7. Consider us your Global Concierge Service.


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With 24/7 Operations, all GLOBAL Travel Management, Life Support & Associated O&M/Multi-Industry Outsourcing Products & Services are managed from US Executive ®. US & UAE Offices.

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