Sustainable Education (School/University) Design/Build Services

“US Executive’s ® Sustainable School Design includes an Environmentally Sensitive Facility that is Clean, Healthy, minimizes Energy Consumption & enhances the Learning Experience.”

“GREEN” Schools are a New Concept incorporating many different features which include:

  • Clean, Healthy Indoor Air
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Natural & Healthy Lighting
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Optimize Maintenance & Operational Functions
  • Sound Waste Management Principles
  • Water & Natural Resource Conservation

Teaming/Partnering & Micro-Sourcing

Alongside US Executive’s ® Global Award-winning B2B/B2G Government, Defense & Aid Industry Support Services, their Team of EXPERTS also regularly provide many of their Clientele/Partners (below) Reliable, Fast & Affordable Micro-Sourcing (Outsourcing) Solutions to help them manage Larger Projects & more Complex Contracts. US Executive’s ® Team Seamlessly & Substantially increases each Client’s/Partner’s Productivity & Profitability by augmenting their own EXPERT Personnel & FAR/DFAR Compliant Products to Support the Clients Projects, Programs & Product Sales/Development in 130+ Countries.

US Executive ® & its Authorized Micro-Sourcing Partner, Optima Engineering has depth & breadth of experience in Sustainable School Design. The variety of Projects designed by Optima Engineering has enabled US Executive ® to develop our experience with many Engineering Systems. This background of knowledge enables US Executive ® to assemble a Sustainable Design Team to meet any School Design Challenge.