One of the largest problems that US Executive ® encounters as a Global Provider (other than Security Concerns) is the Counterfeit Marketplace. Our Team Members are constantly on the lookout and works very closely with US Authorities, INTERPOL and the Secret Services of various countries in which we conduct trade to report and to put these companies out of business.

This is not only because of the unfair trade and pricing practices, but counterfeit materials and equipment cost private businesses and the US economy billions of dollars per year and countless serious injuries, including death.

To protect our Clientele, US Executive ® American National Standards Institute (ANSI),ICC:BASCAPElectronic Frontier Foundation and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OEDC) to defend against counterfeit merchandise. If your organization would like to get involved, read the “Best Practices in the Fight against Global Counterfeiting” and contact ANSI.

Technology & Entertainment Piracy

Additionally, US Executive ® regularly works with the Information Technology & Innovation FoundationInternational Data Corporation and BSA: The Software Alliance to protect our Military & Commercial Clientele and to reduce the theft of their products.