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US Executive's ® Professional, Licensed, Certified & Industry-recognized Real Property Experts provide a wide variety of Commercial Real Estate Management Services to the Government, Defense & Aid Industries, including Sales, Leasing & Online/Onsite Property Maintenance & Management Outsourcing Solutions.

  • Appraisal Management
  • Building Inspection Services
  • Clean Rooms, Call Centers &
  • Commercial Property Leasing
  • Construction Risk Management
  • Corporate Capital Markets
  • Debt & Structured Finance
  • Debt and Loan Valuation
  • Energy & Sustainability
  • Federal Government Leases
  • Leasing & Advisory
  • LEED Design/SMART Build Upgrades
  • Litigation Support • EXPERT Witness
  • Net Lease Properties
  • Owner’s Representative Services
  • Property Management
  • Property Sales
  • Residential Property Leasing
  • Small Balance Lending
  • Utility Advisory
  • Valuations for Financial & Tax Reporting
  • Veteran & Small Business Services

US Executive ® Realtors are excited to help you find a new home, sell your current home, buy investment property, or  buy, sell or lease Commercial Real Estate worldwide. Teamed with LoopNet ™, our Agents have a keen sense of the Local Markets and know Property Values, appreciation of the Market, and how to gain the best exposure for your Property.

US Executive ® takes great pride in providing the absolute best Customer Service for our Clientele, whether you're moving across the street or world, selling your current home, deciding to purchase investment properties, or need help with commercial property. With our EXPERT Agents, we will guide you through all processes to make sure your real estate transactions are as smooth as possible, with no surprises. Reach out to us any time & thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

We are Real Estate Outsourcing EXPERTS

Increase your Productivity 200-300% by hiring US Executive ® as your Virtual Assistant …

  1. Outsource your Prospecting: If you want to increase the odds of landing a sale, you must widen your sales funnel. This is what prospecting does; it finds buyers who want to acquire property & sellers who want to sell their property. Prospecting takes time which you don’t have, but US Executive ® Virtual Assistants do.
  2. Outsource your Data Entry: In real estate, attention to detail is especially important. Failure to upload or update client information can mean the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. Client information includes names, residential addresses, contact numbers, office addresses plus status reports that help you move the contact along the sales funnel. This is a time- consuming task which should be delegated to a US Executive ® Virtual Assistant.
  3. Outsource your Sales & Rental Agreements/Contracts: The real estate business involves many different types of contracts. While the types of contracts are the same, their content may vary depending on city legislation on real estate property transactions. When you are moving in to close the sale, the last thing you would want is to be delayed because contracts have not been prepared. Delegating these tasks to US Executive ® Virtual Assistants assures you documents will be available upon request.
  4. Outsource your Research: Valuations on real estate property can change constantly. Factors such as economic fundamentals, lending rates, ongoing developments, rate of migration, levels of demand and availability of supply can easily influence pricing. There could be suburbs within the city that are still attractively priced with good upside potential you can offer to clients with smaller budgets. You can only do research regularly if you have US Executive ® Virtual Assistants on-board.
  5. Outsource E-mail Campaigns: In any sales-oriented business, equal focus must be allocated to market creation and market retention. These areas of concern are best addressed through e-mail campaigns. This is an effective way to promote new property listings and maintain communication with existing clients. With e-mail campaigns not only can you generate new sales, but you can potentially earn repeat business from former clients. A US Executive ® Virtual Assistant can assure you e-mail marketing campaigns are regularly carried out.
  6. Outsource Spreadsheet Creation and Management: Do you need a spreadsheet on the list of suburbs in Sydney that offer the highest yield at the most affordable housing median pricings? Do you want a comparative analysis of your company’s year- to- year performance? Even if you are highly proficient in spreadsheet creation and management, your time is best spent handling more essential tasks. US Executive ® Virtual Assistants are likewise highly- proficient in creating professional spreadsheets and managing data.
  7. Outsource Creating Letters and Word Documents: Have you ever found yourself stumped at writing the opening paragraph of the letter? You may end up spending the first 30 minutes of the workday blankly staring at the computer monitor. You could be using those 30 minutes following up on a warm lead or a solid prospect. The best option is to delegate letter writing to a US Executive ® Virtual Assistant. All are well-versed in written and spoken English and are qualified to compose effective and engaging letters.
  8. Outsource Basic Bookkeeping: In every business, real estate included, keeping track of your expenses and income flows are especially important. Without knowing where your inflows came from and where your outflows went, it will be difficult to manage your business, evaluate performance or scale operations. By outsourcing basic bookkeeping to your US Executive ® Virtual Assistant, you can easily have access to the important numbers of the business.
  9. Outsource Social Media Campaigns: Social Media Marketing is an essential tool for any online business that wants to maximize the opportunities in the Internet. Your website will be rendered ineffective unless more people come to visit it. One of the best ways to build inbound avenues is social media. 1/3 of the Internet’s daily traffic in on social media. In numerical terms that is more than one billion people. But social media strategy requires experience and expertise to implement. You will need to spend different hours in the day getting involved in social media. This is time best designated to US Executive ® Virtual Assistants.
  10. Outsource Blogging and Article Writing: 61% of consumers based their decision to purchase on a blog. 84% of businesses that marketed their services through a blog landed a client. 79% of companies that managed a blog reported a positive ROI in inbound marketing. Businesses that blogged generated 55% more sales than businesses that did not. The statistics supporting blogging are overwhelming. If you do not have time for blogging, hire US Executive ® Virtual Assistants who can.
  11. Outsource Tracking Stock: It is no secret that the real estate industry is highly competitive. You are in constant competition with other agencies to get the best listings in the market. You need to have a competitive advantage, and this is where tracking stock comes in handy. US Executive ® Virtual Assistants have the resources to procure valuable information on your competitors such as sales and rental listings. These are important data you can use for negotiation purposes.
  12. Outsource Database Management and Creation: In the real estate business, your database is the cornerstone of operations. This is where all information flows through. But for your database to be effective it must be regularly updated, managed and most of all structured well. US Executive ® Virtual Assistants have accumulated a wealth of experience in many real estate agencies, they know the best way to set up and manage your database.

In the real estate business, you should always avoid confinement. Money can only be made when you are out there on the field meeting clients, showing properties, and moving to close deals. Do not constrain yourself from doing the tasks that matter most to your agency. Outsource services to US Executive ®Virtual Assistants and open up more time to manage the functions that will make your business grow.

Research: Research is one of the most important tasks in the real estate industry and it must be done on a regular basis. It is, however, rather time-consuming. You could be preparing for a client meeting, but instead, you still must analyze numerous information like rate of migration, lending rates, developments, and other real estate fundamentals.

Luckily, having the right US Executive ®VA can lessen the hours of reading nauseating information and just give you a report about whatever research points that you actually need.

These research points may include: 

  • Finding the ownership of a property and deed type
  • Checking out establishments within a property’s vicinity
  • Looking for properties with good pricing and upside potential

Data Entry: In the real estate business, you should always avoid confinement. Money can only be made when you are out there on the field meeting clients, showing properties, and moving to close deals. Do not constrain yourself from doing the tasks that matter most to your agency. Outsource services to US Executive ®Virtual Assistants and open up more time to manage the functions that will make your business grow.

Basic Bookkeeping: Keeping track of income and expenses is valuable in running a business. Otherwise, it will be difficult to evaluate your current financial performance, which can prevent the business from growing.

While some real estate agents prefer to do their accounting themselves, basic bookkeeping is yet another task that a virtual assistant can lift off your shoulders. With a US Executive ® VA’s help, you can have instant access to all the important details regarding your financial status.

Spreadsheet Creation and Management: Spreadsheets and real estate are pretty much an inseparable couple. Who can you blame? Spreadsheets are the easiest way to organize numbers and other important data. However, like most of the tasks of a real estate agent, spreadsheets take a chunk of time before one can finish doing it. Fortunately, spreadsheet creation and management is a skill that almost, if not all, US Executive ® Virtual Assistants possess.

Cold Calling: Cold calling requires some skill in speaking, but it is also quite boring. However infamous, it is still used as one of the marketing strategies to help gain more prospective clients that may want to purchase a property. You can give a list of numbers to call to your US Executive ® VA and have this task removed from your plate.

Managing and Organizing Agreements or Contracts:  Whether physical or digital contracts, every person in the real estate industry knows that it is the most vital piece that can make or break a sale. Additionally, one of your clients may lose their copy and ask you for another. Hence, the last thing you need is losing a contract or forgetting where you saved it — something that can be avoided when you have a US Executive ® VA work for you.

Setting and Organizing Appointments:  Setting your appointments, yourself is not difficult. It can, however, get confusing when you must think about other equally important things. Moreover, you’ll never know when client meeting requests would come banging on the door, so having an organized appointment schedule is also vital.

Now, since this is an easy task, you can expect a US Executive ® Virtual Assistant to handle setting and organizing appointments for you. With their help, you don’t have to worry about confusing one meeting after another (or even think about your schedule for the month – see #8) Plus, being on time for each of your meetings can help you get more referrals.

Calendar Management:  Apart from client appointments, you will still have other things that you need to squeeze into your schedule. Your job isn’t the only thing that you have to deal with. Can you make it to your dentist appointment at nine? Or do you have to go to a friend’s house for a going away party? Being in the real estate industry by itself already means running on a tight schedule, what more if you add other things in your life?

Hence, having a US Executive ® VA manage your calendar will not only help your punctuality with your clients, but also help you have time for the other aspects of your life.

Creating Letters or Emails:  Taking the time to sit down and write a decent email can take an hour, depending on what you have to write about. Moreover, you may also have to attach some documents that you need to send to your client, so you’ll also have to look for the files before you can send it.

Good thing is, above average English speaking and writing skills are one of the top qualities that a US Executive ® VA must have. Therefore, it should be easy to come across one that can write an engaging, grammatically correct, and in-depth email. Just make sure that you tell them what the email needs to contain and you’re all set!

Online Marketing Tasks:  Another relevant online technology that can help a real estate business keep up with the digital age is online marketing. You may have heard of it, or you may already have it running, so you most likely know that it needs a lot of time and effort. This, of course, is another task that a US Executive ® VA can handle.

Other online marketing tasks may include: 

  • Promotions
  • Analytics
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Public relations

Website Management:  Managing a website is one of the most daunting things that a real estate agent or company must do, not to mention time-consuming. Without proper management, your website could be at risk of being hacked, bugged, and broken. Therefore, having a US Executive ® Virtual Assistant with some background in web development can help ease your mind from this technical task.

If you don’t have a real estate business website yet, it’s about time that you do. Thankfully, you can hire a custom real estate website creator to that for you, too. With their help, you can improve your online presence and have more customers flowing in.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):  Having good customer relationship can advance your real estate business to the next level. Simple things like remembering a birthday or congratulating a client on their one-year anniversary of living in a property can increase your chance of having a referral.

It may be difficult to remember all these things, especially if you have more clients that you can deal with. However, having a US Executive ® VA can help you improve client relations by utilizing your CRM tool, or remind you of important events that you can greet your clients with when you meet them.

Prospecting:  Prospecting involves opening your doors to more sales opportunities and scouring every nook and corner to find more potential clients, be it a buyer or a seller. Although quite essential to boost your sales, this can take a huge amount of time. But if you have a US Executive ® Virtual Assistant working for you, you will only have to think about meeting clients and closing deals, while they look for more.

Proofreading:  Have you ever read a grammatically incorrect email? Doesn’t it just bug you, and make you not want to read more? Don’t worry, some of your clients wouldn’t really care if you have some grammar lapses on your website or email. However, if you want to sound professional through writing, then having perfect grammar is essential.

Sometimes, even expert writers will have a few mistakes here and there, so do not be too hard on yourself. You can rely on your US Executive ® VA to help you by giving an outsider’s perspective and proofread your emails before you send it to a client, or post content on your website.

Translation:  There are about 577 million Spanish speakers in the US. Meanwhile, Australia is experiencing an increase in immigrants from China, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Hence, having a virtual translator can expand the types of clients you can deal with, and ultimately increase your chance of getting more clients. This will also allow you to take advantage of the growing number of immigrants looking for a place in your area.

Wrapping Up Takeaway: Get Yourself A Real Estate US Executive ® Virtual Assistant and Grow Your Business Faster And More Efficiently.

Being a real estate agent, investor, or broker is already a challenging job as it is. So why not hand over some of the work to a virtual assistant? With the tasks that you can outsource to a US Executive ® VA, you can rest assured that your business will run smoothly while you focus on becoming the best in the real estate

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