Catering Vending & DFAC Services

US Executive’s ® Facilities Management/Base Operations &
Support Services (BOSS) Program

Corporate Catering • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Business & Industry

US Executive ® Chefs work with the US Department of Defense (DoD) & State (DoS), Businesses, Restaurants, Cafes, Delis and Bars around the world to provide fresh, contemporary and social menus for lunch meetings, birthdays, office parties, sales presentations or Executive events. No matter how busy people are, just a few minutes to enjoy great tasting food that’s fresh, will always spur them on, making them feel better and accomplish more.


Catering/Vending (US & Allied Military DFAC Services)

US Executive ® & its Global Teaming Partners are Market Leaders for Catering to the Government, Defense & Aid Industries. Working in some of the most austere environments in the world, we make certain that our Soldiers, Law Enforcement, Government Employees & Contractors are fed only the very best food & beverages from the US & Allied Countries.

From feeding 100,000 to 10 Troops, US Executive ® has the flexibility and means to create a successful Life Support Program anywhere in the world.


Global Presence

US Executive ® serves its Clientele in 130+ Countries in the following (9) Zones:

North America • North Africa • East Africa • West Africa • Europe • Middle East • Central Asia • SW Asia • Southern Asia

Our Quality Management Plans include US Executive ® SMEs & Registered Nutritionists checking our Products during purchase, before shipping & then On-site before accepting & preparing for our Clientele.

Additionally, all our Team Members (including our TCNs & LNs) are OSHA or NEBOSH-Trained & Certified Food Handlers & US Executive ® also allows each an Annual Stipend for Continuing Education.

US Executive ® is a firm believer in On-going Education & allows each Team Member to attend 6,000+ Courses & Certification Programs available Online at:

Finally, US Executive ® has immediate access to 300,000+ US Government-Approved Food & Beverage Items & Manufacturers produced/purchased in the US or Allied Countries from around the world. This allows US Executive ® to always offer our Clientele the very “Best Value” without jeopardizing its High Standards.

Contract Catering & Vending

(US/Allied Military, Diplomatic & Man Camp DFAC Services)


DFAC Services

We are Market Leaders & Catering/DFAC EXPERTS for the Government, Defense & Aid Industries. Working in some of the most desolated & austere Environments in the World, we make certain that our Soldiers, Law Enforcement, Government Employees & Contractors are fed only the absolute best Food & Beverages from the US & Allied Countries.

From feeding 100,000 to 10 Troops, we have the Flexibility & Means to create a Successful DFAC & Life Support Program anywhere in the world.


Vending Services

“We Bring Healthy Break Time to your Guests & Employees”

We feed Guests & Employees during those unexpected moments when they crave a Snack or Meal. Our Innovative Technology, Healthy Options, Dedicated Service & Custom Solutions have kept us as a Leader in the Vending Industry.

Clean, filled & working – you can count on us as your Vending Company providing Manufacturers that you’ll recognize. Our Techs & Service Reps keep the Machines Stocked & Maintained, bringing New Meaning to Full-service Vending. Around the World with our Network of Corporate & Franchise Branches, we provide the same awesome Vending Services no matter where you’re located.

“Innovation for a Safe Workplace”

We’re always innovating with Products & Equipment, like PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Vending and Contactless Operations, to give you easy 24/7 access to what you need. Many of our Vending Machines are “Mobile Payment Ready” for Safe & Convenient Transactions. Contactless & Cashless Payment Options cut Transaction Time & ensure Customer Safety.

“Saving Time, Energy & Maintenance Costs thru Artificial Intelligence (AI)”

Our Machines, Driven by Artificial Intelligence, generates Live Updates informing us what has Sold & when they require Maintenance. We analyze the Selling Data, using it to select the Exact Products needing replenishment in each Machine, guaranteeing you always have the Right Product Mix. With AI, we can sub-route Drivers, keeping them in a Smaller Geographic Area for faster, more efficient Service.

“As a Veteran-friendly Employer we help Transitioning Service Members with Jobs & Business Ownership”

And we couldn’t do it all Successfully without our Great Team Members. We provide our Veterans everything they need to Succeed, including Uniforms, ID, Training, Support & Development Opportunities as well as provide On-going Management to ensure we Attract, Hire/Partner & Retain the absolute best Team Members to serve you.


Education (Pre-School thru University)

Our Chefs & Nutritionists spend an enormous amount of time focusing on feeding our youth at Schools, Colleges & Universities Worldwide by providing Healthy, Great Tasting, Fun & Nutritious Meals & helping them eat Healthy, build Strong Bodies, Sharp Minds & to learn Nutrition & live Long, Healthy Lives.



We know that when Patients need taking care of, they should not have to worry about whether the Food & Services they’re receiving is “Good for their Health & Bodies. Good, just isn’t good enough.” They should enjoy Great Tasting, Healthy Food & Beverages, as well as Reliable & Consistent Support Services, 24/7. Delivered with Heart is how we work in the Healthcare Environment.


Offshore & Remote

We are a Leading Food, Beverage & Support Services Provider to the Offshore & Remote Work Sectors. Providing Catering to these Sectors & Remote Locations takes EXPERT Planning & Sustenance Management. We operate on a diverse range of Offshore & Remote Units from Platforms, FPSOs, Drilling Rigs, Flotels, Marine Vessels & Man Camps where thousands of Workers spend significant periods of time away from their Friends & Family & relying on our Catering Teams to provide Uninterrupted Support, no matter how Challenging the Conditions.


Sports, Leisure and Hospitality

We Cater to Sports, Leisure and Hospitality Events Worldwide. With 100,000+ Allied Restaurants, Chefs & Caterers Serving our Client/Partner Menus, you will see our Team Members at Football & Baseball Stadiums, Cookouts, Weddings, Retreats etc.

Supporting Caters & Chef’s Nationwide

US Executive ® is Teamed with a trusted network of over 64,000+ Restaurants, Chefs & Caterers preparing the following Menus:

  • American Catering
  • Bagel Catering
  • BBQ Catering
  • Boxed Lunch Catering
  • Breakfast Catering
  • Chinese Catering
  • Coffee Catering
  • Sandwich Catering
  • Seafood Catering
  • Cookie Catering
  • Dessert Catering
  • Donut Catering
  • Food Truck Catering
  • Gluten-Free Catering
  • Ice Cream Catering
  • Indian Catering
  • Sushi Catering
  • Taco Catering
  • Italian Catering
  • Korean Catering
  • Kosher Catering
  • Mediterranean Catering
  • Mexican Catering
  • Pizza Catering
  • Puerto Rican Catering
  • Vegan Friendly Catering
  • Vegetarian Friendly Catering

US Executive’s ® talented Team Members bringing our Clientele all the great tasting food, memorable experiences and vital support services that can transform every day into a great day. All the little things that make the world of difference and boost the wellbeing of millions. From outstanding restaurant experiences, enhancing sporting events and feeding thousands of school children, patients, workers and military personnel, to delivering warm welcomes, clean buildings and safe environments. We’re here to inspire, protect, nourish and energize. To brighten your day. We support Vets, Wounded Warriors & the Volunteers that spend countless hours feeding the needy, like our friends at Meal on Wheels.

US Executive ® has the Capabilities, Expertise and Proven Track Record to Execute Catering, Vending & DFAC Services Contracts Successfully & as with all other Outsourcing Programs, US Executive ® Strategies and Solution are completely Customizable and may also include additional Support Services:

Additional BPO (Outsourcing) Services:

Catering, Vending & DFAC Services Associations & Affiliate Organizations