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US Executive’s Careers Page

US Executive ® specializes in US & International Management, Scientific & Technical Consulting Services supporting the Defense, Technology & AEC/EPC Industries.

More specifically, its “Mission Critical,” SME Advisory, Management & Support Products/Services include the following:

AEC & EPC Management Services

Facilities Maintenance & Management Services

Human Resources (HR) Development, Manpower & Special Staffing Services

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services

Global Supply Chain Management Services

Technology Services

US Executive ® Teams with 350,000+ Clients, Contacts & Industry Colleagues in 130+ Countries, including many Governments (including US), their Large Prime Contractors (Fortune 500, ENR 200 & Tech 100), the UN, NATO, various Aid Agencies and all Development Banks. They are a $3 Trillion a year Group of Organizations throughout the US, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Central & Southern Asia.

US Executive ® provides GLOBAL EXPERTS for the following:

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