Additional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services

US Executive ® is well-known within the “Business Outsourcing Community” & provides time-sensitive & “mission-critical” Back-Office Services to many Industries & Organizations. US Executive ® is a “Leading Process Outsourcing Services Provider” to the Government, Defense & Aid Industries, plus Organizations that belong to the Fortune 500, Inc. 5000 & Washington Technology Top 100 US Government Contractor Lists.

US Executive ® Management & SME Team Members provide its Clientele detailed Services & Solutions & additional Outsourcing Solutions below. To ensure 100% success, US Executive ® manages many different facets of its Clientele’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services including:

  • Managing & lowering its Clients Costs
  • Reducing their Client’s Risk
  • Simplifying Operations by developing SOPs & managing Data Entry, Claims Processing, Indexing, Imaging, Remittances Processing, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Temp Staffing etc.
  • Developing ISOs 9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environmental) & 18001 (Safety)
  • Helping improve Predictability & Productivity
  • Improving Customer Success & Brand Recognition
  • Additional: Off-Shore Outsourcing Services (Philippines & India) available, but our Off-shore Services are different. All US Executive ® Off-shore Team Members are Background Screened & then Tested to make certain they have the qualifications to meet Western Standards. Additionally, US Executive ® QC Managers maintain a physical presence in the Philippines & india ensuring an Affordable, Quality Products.

Finally, as with their other Outsourcing Programs, US Executive ® Strategies & Solution are completely customizable & may also include additional Support Services.


Reducing Labor Costs by 25%-50%

Front & Back Office Solutions

  • Accounting/Billing Services
  • Applications Investigations & Processing
  • Business Development
  • Case Management
  • Claims Processing
  • Collections
  • Customer Administration, Success & Support
  • Data Entry & Transcription
  • Document Management
  • Employee Benefit Processing
  • Inside Sales Support, Marketing, Social Media & CRM Development
  • Loan Initiation/Processing
  • Operational Analysis
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Payments/Statement Processing
  • Procurement Services
  • Research & Data Collection
  • Trade Show Representation
  • Transaction Processing

US Executive ® provides  Outsourcing Solutions, including Near-shore (Mexico & the Caribbean) & Off-shore (Philippines & India) to 60+ Industries in 130+ Countries worldwide. Many of these Organizations underestimate the impact that their BPO Operations have on their overall Enterprise efficiency & Customer experience.

US Executive's ® BPO Services offer the greatest Opportunity for overall Business improvements that will deliver higher quality Products & Services with faster & more Cost efficiency.

US Executive ® provides all of this & more to their Small/Mid-size Clientele, helping them generate more Revenue & grow even faster. No matter what Industry your Business represents, the Team at US Executive ®  look forward to helping your Company Succeed, improving your Operations & saving your Organization both time & money.