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Global Background Screening Services

Background Screening Services

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Special Project • Background Screening Services

Special Projects Program

Background Screening Services

US Executive ® works with the Global Background Reporting Service’s Team providing EXPERT:

Product & Service Support

We are your Background Screening EXPERTS


We are your Background Screening EXPERTS

We help Hundreds of Companies with their Hiring Process, from Small Businesses to International Corporations in all 50 States and over 200 Countries. Partner with a Reputable Background Screening Agency Today! Additionally, we have a Fully FCRA Compliant Team available to answer & implement this Process to your Current Background Screening Platform.

Don't just take our word for it, view our 5-star ratings on: Google & Trustpilot!

Our Customer-oriented Approach is designed to give Small to Large Businesses the Highest Level of Quality Service & build Trusted Relationships over time. We have a Reputation for Excellent Client Service, Accuracy, Quality of Information, easy to use Technology & Ability to meet our Commitments to our Clients.


Our Products & Services


Employment Services

Choose from 18 Screening Services (Criminal, Civil, Drug Testing, Social Media, Dark Web, Financials, MVRs and more).

How Long Does a Typical Background Check Report Take?

1-3 Business Days (Depending on your Applicant's Courts requiring Searches)


Compliant under all Employment Laws in the USA. This is the Most Popular Option for an Employment Criminal Background Check.

Easily add any other Services that your Company requires.


Includes a search on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Tenant Screening Services

Fast, Easy & Affordable Landlord Background Check Services

We provide Actionable Intelligence derived from more than 35 million Landlord-tenant Records, delivering Critical Info not available through Credit Reports alone.

Our Proprietary “TenantPro” leverages our unmatched & industry-leading Courthouse Research & examines Billions of Name & Address History Records to develop a more complete Picture of an Individual’s Historical Residential Leasing Behaviors, including Past Court Actions, Unlawful Detainers, Monetary Judgements, National Eviction Database, Court-ordered Possession & Property Damage Claims.


International Background Checks

International Criminal Records, Civil Records, Credit History Reports, Verifications, Social Media Reports available in over 240 Countries & Territories.


Social Media & Dark Web Search

A Search is completed across Open Sources that include Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for Subject ‘matches’ using Subject's provided information that may include:

First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Date of Birth and Photo ID.

Our Team of Analysts will review Search Outcomes to identify any Derogatory Indicators as specified by the client. Derogatory Indicators refer to the following areas:

Hate Speech, Toxic Language, Political Speech, Narcotics, Insults and Bullying, Drug Related Images, Obscene Language, Violent images or videos, Self-Harm, Explicit/Racy Images like explicit nudity, Threats of Violence.

Dark Web Search Background Check

This Check Covers: Social Media Background Check & Dark Web Elements which report Data Breaches related to Individual's Passwords, Personal Details etc. that were hacked and now visible on Dark Web.


Personal Background Check (Self-Screen)

Our 100% compliant Search with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This search provides a comprehensive search at the local, state, and national levels. The search begins with a SSN trace that detects ALL addresses in the past 7-10 years (depending on state) and all alias / nicknames used. This search is the standard for all employment in the USA. Add federal or Motor vehicle searches easily under “Other popular Screening Services” section.

Drug Screening – Schedule a drug test easily anywhere in the USA

Anonymous STD Test – Schedule a fully anonymous STD test anywhere in the USA! After checkout you will be instructed to select your closest location. Once you order, you'll be given a specific confirmation number. Simply bring the confirmation number on your phone. No name required. No Medical Records sent to insurance companies. You will have text notifications and easily view all results via text only. You can schedule your STD lab test here or simply add option to cart and check out.

Social Media Search – A search is done across open sources that include Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for Subject “matches” using Subject's provided info that may include: First Name, Last Name, Email, Date of Birth and Photo ID. (Takes 3-5 Business Days). Check to see what employers see on a common social media search!


Commercial Tenant Credit Check

Whether you sign a Contract with a New Commercial Tenant or Business Partner, create a Purchase Order with another Supplier or Ship that Big Customer Order, make sure you know who you're doing Business with.

Business Summary Reports

Business Summary Reports include a quick view of the business' credit history as well as legal data on the business. The report will show the amount of credit lines open under the company name and any legal judgements or tax liens imposed on the company as well as bankruptcy filings. You will also be provided with the date of incorporation and the tax filing status of the business (“Inactive Business”, “Active Business” and so forth) as well as the principal officer's names.

Commercial Intelliscore

Our most popular Business Credit Report for Individuals or Companies who need to make a Quick Business Decision. This One-page Report features a Credit Risk Score ranging from 1 (Low Risk) to 5 (High Risk), ranked against other Businesses within the same field. The following factors influence the Credit Risk Score on a Commercial Intelliscore Report:

  • Payment History & Current Payment Status of Trade Lines
  • Length of Business Credit History
  • Bankruptcies related to this Business
  • judgements filed against this Business
  • Collections Accounts
  • Credit Utilization

Business Credit Reports

Business Credit Report

Varies with Size of Business & Country. Length of Report can range from 2 to 15 Pages & generally contains Legal Status, related Businesses, Financial Information, Line of Business, Branch & Subsidiary Offices, Principal Credit References, Shareholders, International Activity, Payment History, Management, Credit Opinion, Banking Information, Corporate Information, Ratios & Industry Comparisons, Suppliers, Management Interview, Public Filings/Liens & Judgments & answers to specific questions.

Directorship / Significant Shareholder Search

A Directorship Search involves a search on a Candidate's Directorships, both Past and Present. This information is helpful to Employers who wish to verify that an Individual has previously been a Director of a Company & whether there were any associated incidents. These Searches can also verify whether an Individual is or was an Officeholder or Shareholder of a Business. Identity Verification of principals (Country ID)

Bankruptcy Records Check on Principals and Business (Where Available)

Report may include Date Filed, Case Number, and Name of Court.

Social Media Background Check (5 platforms)

Includes Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – with 11 Risk Factors: Hate Speech, Toxic Language, Political Speech, Narcotics, Insults and Bullying, Drug Related Images, Obscene Language, Violent Images or Videos, Self-Harm, Explicit/Racy Images like Explicit Nudity, Threats of Violence. Custom Keyword Searches are also available upon request.

Dark Web Search

Searches Dark Web elements which report Data Breaches related to Individual's Passwords, Personal Details etc. that were hacked and are visible on Dark Web. This provides intel on Company breached Email Addresses and more.

Ascertaining Government Affiliations & Political Positions/Affiliations ( Politically exposed person PEP status).

This search will reveal if the individual has a High-profile Political Role, or if they have been entrusted with a Prominent Public Function. It will also provide information on Risk Factors involving Money Laundering and/or Terrorist Financing because of the position they hold.

Money Laundering Financial Crimes Enforcement Search

Contains a List of specific Foreign Jurisdictions, Foreign Financial Institutions, Classes of International Transactions, or Types of Accounts of Primary Money Laundering concern.

UK Disqualified Directors

Contains the List of Disqualified Directors in the United Kingdom. Includes Disposition, Date of Birth, and Alias.

European Union Consolidated Financial Sanctions and World Bank Debarred list

Contains the List of Persons, Groups & Entities Subject to European Union Financial Sanctions. Includes Disposition, and Alias. contains Firms & Individuals that are ineligible to be awarded a World Bank financed Contract for periods indicated because they were found to have violated the Fraud and Corruption Provisions of the procurement Guidelines or the Consultants Guidelines.


Anonymous STD Test

Our Team of Health Partners understand the importance of Privacy when scheduling a STD Test. We stand by our promise to keep your Tests Anonymous & Private. Our (2) Medical Partners below provide you an Anonymous Blood Lab Test or Private In-Home Testing Kit.

Tests offered are a 10-panel for ALL common STDs. All Tests are FDA-approved, and Labs are CLIA-certified, meaning they are the Top of the Line.

Anonymous STD Test

Herpes 1 • Herpes 2 • Hepatitis A • Hepatitis B • Hepatitis C • Chlamydia • Syphilis • Gonorrhea • HIV 1 • HIV 2


People Searches (No Consent)


Description: Search by Full Name, State, DOB, Zip, County, Middle Initial, etc. The SSN is the best way to conduct this search, which runs through Credit Bureau Records and 22 other Databases for the most complete People Search available in the Industry.

Results/Verifications: Current Name, Alias Names, Middle Name or Initial, Current & Historical Addresses dating back over 7-10 Years, Current & Previous Phone Information including Cell Phones, DOB, or YOB, Times Reported to Data Provider, Current or Previous Employer, Date of SSN Issuance, Reported Deceased, National Criminal Database Search & Wants & Warrants Search.


Description: Phone Searches are run through 10 Databases including Credit Bureaus, Private Lists & Public Records & may include Unlisted & Cell Phone Numbers. This information is updated daily. Perfect for Tinder, Grindr, Hinge, Bumble, Ok Cupid, Facebook dating and more….once Last Name is confirmed, we run a Criminal Database Search through 650+ Million Public Criminal Conviction Records.

Convictions provided within last 7 Years. Additional Fees may apply if info needs to be verified at the Courthouse. Please provide Date of Birth or Year of Birth if known for faster and more accurate results. Coverage: United States, all 50 States.

LAST NAME FINDER (First Name & DOB required)

Description: This Search uses the same Databases as the People Search but can possibly locate Persons who have changed their Name or Women who have Married. Coverage: United States all 50 States.


Description: This Search enables you to retrieve Ownership Information by Cell Phone Number. Human Verified.


Required Criteria – Land Line or Cell Number & Date of Service – No Hit – No Fee (Hand Searched)


Continuous Monitoring (NEW)

Traditional Background Checks are One-time only. Ensure the Safety of your Employees & Clients by ordering Continuous Arrest or Healthcare Monitoring Today.

Employee Monitoring of Arrests & Bookings

Before now, Companies conducted Periodical Re-checks on Applicants. Our Criminal Monitoring provides a “True Monitoring Solution” of your Workforce that provides Real-time Arrest & Booking Data Nationwide, built on our Proprietary, Real-time Incarceration Data Network. This is the Future of Background Screening & the Ultimate Post-hire Risk Reducer of our Workforce in 2021 and beyond.


What Makes us Different & Better

  • 2-3 Day Turnaround time
  • Advanced Tenant Screening information
  • All Industry Criminal Court Searched
  • County Criminal Search
  • Credit Report Information
  • Drug Testing Turnaround 1 Day for Clear, 3 Day for Possible Illegal Drugs
  • Education Verification
  • Full International Criminal History
  • Global Sanctions Search & Sex Offender Checks
  • Healthcare background verification, Debarment, Exclusion Lists and much more.
  • Nationwide Criminal History
  • Over 400 Criminal Court Investigators
  • Partners with Lab Corp
  • Post Hire Screening Services
  • Professional License Information
  • Reference Checks
  • Social Media Search
  • Statewide Criminal Searches
  • Thousands of Drug Testing Labs
  • Urine and Alcohol Drug Testing Services

About our GLOBAL Business & Reputation

Global Leader

Providing Industry Specific Solutions that help Employers make Smart Hiring Decisions & reduce Time to Hire.


Our Team utilizes the Latest Technology coupled with Personal Experience necessary in Today's Business Environment.


With over 20 years of Experience gathering Employee Information, our Staff offers the Knowledge to provide Data that will help you evaluate your Applicants Quickly & Efficiently.

Our Goal

To ultimately Lower your Exposure to Risk & Litigation, while helping you Comply with Laws governing the use of Consumer Reports. Don't leave your Business or Organization at Risk.


Background Check Platform Features

Our Background Screening Software ensures a Simple & User-friendly Experience with Easy-to-use Screening Tools:

  • Adverse Action
  • Automated Adjudication
  • Bulk Ordering
  • Employment Screening Portal
  • Faster Processing of Multiple Candidates at once during the Background Screening Process.
  • Free Pre-adverse & Adverse Action Templates when you're denying Applicant Employment
  • Set your Hiring Criteria & we will identify Candidates require further review.
  • Whether you need the Applicant to pay upfront or for you to initiate the E-consent, we got you covered!

“We are Hiring FAA Licensed Drone Pilots”

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