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B2B & B2G Government, Defense & Aid Procurement

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423690 Electronic Parts (e.g., Condensers, Connectors, Switches) Merchant Wholesalers
444190 Building Materials Supply Dealers
424720 Petroleum & Petroleum Products Merchant Wholesalers (except Bulk Stations, Terminals)

Special Project • B2B & B2G Government

Special Projects Program

B2B & B2G Government, Defense & Aid Procurement

US Executive ® works with the United Field Service’s Team providing EXPERT:

Product & Service Support

Government • Defense • Aid • B2B/B2G/B2C • 12Million+ • Products


What is 911-Products.com ®

911-Products.com ® is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned, automated, fast, secure, user-friendly & technologically advanced Online GLOBAL Marketplace for quickly & efficiently accessing a Comprehensive Database of 12 Million+, (23) Army LOGCAP, Air Force AFCAP & Navy GCCC/GCSC Categories, FAR/DFAR-Compliant Products that are easily Ordered Online & immediately Drop-Shipped from the Factory & delivered to our Client/Partner Locations in 130+ Countries, saving everyone time & money.

To keep Pricing Competitive, 911-Products.com ® Partners/Teams (Authorized & Trusted Resellers) with the absolute best Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Drop Shippers, bypassing unqualified Manufacturers, unauthorized Resellers & Counterfeiters. Additionally, 911-Products.com’s ® Proprietary System scans the internet (24/7) searching millions of SKUs & other Part Numbers to make certain that they are providing the absolute best Pricing.

911-Products.com ® Products


911-Products.com ® quickly & affordably provides their Client/Partners the following (23) FAR/DFAR Compliant B2B/B2G Global Product Categories Worldwide:

The 911-Products.com ® Team


The 911-Products.com ® Logistics Team are highly-skilled Government, Defense & Aid EXPERTS & coordinate with its Suppliers in the US, Europe & Middle East (Depending on the Product, Price & Shipping location) using GPS & Barcode Technologies, tracking each Shipment so that our Client/Partners are always up to date on its exact location.

911-Products.com ® Managers, Buyers, Dispatchers & Customer Success Team Members are always in close communications with its Client/Partners, Suppliers & Global Transportation/Warehousing Partners to guarantee tight Security, FAST Customs Clearance & the safe, on-time delivery to its Client/Partners locations worldwide.

To keep ordering, tracking & billing as simple as possible, 911-Products.com ® employs highly-trained Accounting & Customer Success Team Members utilizing the latest in Tracking, Mapping & DCMA-approved Accounting Systems.


911-Products.com ® Clientele

911-Products.com’s ® Clientele includes Organizations of all Types & Sizes (Large & Small), including 60+ Industries from 130+ Countries. 911-Products.com ® supports the Government, Defense & Aid Industries & their Contractors providing everything they need to support their Operations worldwide.

  • US Federal, State, County & Local Governments
  • Its Allies
  • Its Prime Contractors
  • United Nations
  • NATO
  • Various Aid Agencies & NGOs
  • Development Banks
  • Foreign Contractors
  • Other Private/Public Organizations (Universities & Public-School Districts, Hospitals, Airports, Real Estate Development, Energy/Utilities & Hotels/Resorts)
  • Charities, Foundations & Corporate Philanthropists

911-Products.com ® Niche

911-Products.com’s ® “Niche” is to provide the Government, Defense & Aid Industries the “Mission-Critical” Products & Services required to maintain 100% readiness. Since readiness equals success, 911-Products.com ® has developed a “Battle Tested” Proprietary Formula/System that delivers its Products to its Client/Partners faster & less expensive than any other System providing similar Products & Services.

911-Products.com’s ® goal, using the latest Technology & Automation, is to provide its Client/Partner requirements in the easiest, fastest & least expensive means possible giving them added-value. Additionally, 911-Products.com ® protects their Client/Partners from counterfeiting & piracy thru its strict QC Program & its ties with INTERPOL, the FBI & many Industry Associations.

Finally, 911-Products.com ® only Teams/Partners with the absolute best Pre-Qualified Subcontractors, Suppliers & Manufacturers. If you would like to Teams/Partners, Supply or Work with 911-Products.com ®, please visit their website or contact one of their friendly Customer Success Team Members that are available (24/7) online or during normal business hours in Tampa, Florida, USA.

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