Association & Chamber of Commerce Business
Development Outsourcing Services

US Executive’s ® Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Program

Thank you for registering for our “Business Development Outsourcing Services” dedicated specifically for Associations & Chamber of Commerce locations worldwide. After completing your registration, a Dedicated Account Manager will email & telephone to introduce themselves & our Digital Marketing & Sales & Marketing Professionals will get started right away.

"The Association & Chamber of Commerce Business Development Outsourcing Program"

As with the other Global Associations & Chamber of Commerce locations US Executive ® & its Family of Companies support, we provide your Organization with our “EXPERT Business Development Outsourcing & Digital Marketing Services” at NO COST until we begin finalizing sales (typically 30 days), then, US Executive ® only charges 35% (net profit) per sale while you earn the other 65%. We’ll introduce your Products & Support Services to our Clients, Contacts & Industry Colleagues worldwide.

To begin, US Executive ® will offer your Products & Services to our 350,000+ Clients, Contacts & Industry Colleagues worldwide, including many Governments (including their US Federal, State & Local Employees), Businesses of all sizes (Fortune 500, ENR 200 & Tech 100), the UN, NATO, various Aid Agencies & all Development Banks. They are a $3 Trillion USD a year Group of Organizations.

Next, US Executive ® will market your Products & Services thru their Social Media Campaign Server to 65 million+ (Double Opted-in) US & International B2B & B2G  Contacts by NAICS & SIC Code targeting your Industry Professionals & their Businesses, Non-profits & other Public/Private Organizations.

During registration, your Team will need to let our Business Development & Digital Marketing Experts know which Products & Services that you would like for them to introduce to our Clients, Contacts & Industry Colleagues. Below are examples of items US Executive ® currently sells, increasing many of their Association & Chamber of Commerce Membership Sales by up to 50%:

  • Memberships
  • Publications
  • Professional Development/Education
  • Items from your Store/Marketplace
  • Events
  • News
  • And anything else you feel may benefit Customers worldwide

Digital Marketing Support

In addition to the sales produced by our Inside Sales Experts, US Executive ® also provides FREE Digital Marketing Support for Content Creation & Marketing, Email Campaigns, PPC & other proprietary techniques that will again increase sales & your website's SEO & ranking.

Affiliate Programs

US Executive ® will also add an “Affiliate Program” to your website, asking our 20,000  Affiliate Partners that currently sell Memberships & Education to also begin selling your Products & Services. This is where many of our Associations & Chamber of Commerce Customers see another increase in Memberships & Coursework and/or Certification Sales.

Marketplace Sales

US Executive ® will also add your Products/Services to their websites & social media below (this will again create long-term sales, boost your SEO & improve your Google ranking):

Benefits of our Association & Chamber of Commerce Solutions

There are many Benefits to US Executive's ® Business Development Outsourcing Program:

  • Increased Memberships Sales
  • Increased Revenue & Profits
  • Increased Media Exposure
  • Increased Business Development with No Hiring, Payroll, Insurance, Overhead or other Costs
  • FREE Digital Marketing & increased SEO
  • FREE Advertising on our 60+ Industry Forums & Small Business Ask the Expert Site
  • FREE Press Releases
  • And so much more…

Thank you again for taking the time to register. US Executive's ® Association & Chamber of Commerce Solutions. Please submit questions below. Please let us know if you have any questions.