Appraisal Services (Building & Property)

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Appraisal Services (Building & Property)

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Special Projects Program

Appraisal Services (Building & Property)

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Product & Service Support

Professional • Uniformed • Nationwide • Licensed • Bonded • Insured


Product & Service Support

We provide Full Appraisal Management Services to manage the entire Appraisal Process for Clients, providing them the most Accurate & Timely Appraisal Reports & Valuations on Assets. Our Network of Licensed & Skilled Appraisers takes the work out of having to find an Individual Appraiser. Not only does this Save our Clients Time in locating & scheduling someone, but it provides a layer of oversight between Appraisers & Lenders, which is now required by Law as part of the Mortgage Process.

Our Appraisers are not provided with any prior information regarding the Property or placed in Contact with the Lending Institution to avoid any influence on providing a Higher Valuation. This allows obtaining Appraisal Reports accurately and without bias, which is important for Financing & Loan Servicing.

Full Appraisal Management Services

All our Appraisers in our NATIONWIDE Network are Licensed & kept up to date with all Legal & Insurance Requirements.

During the Appraisal Process, we act as a Buffer between the Appraiser & Lending Institution to ensure Unbiased Reporting. Once the Client Request is Submitted, we immediately Review the Entire Report to ensure the Accuracy of Information. The Report is then forwarded to the Lending Institution so they may use the provided Valuation of the Property.

Our Appraisal Management Services include:

  • 1004 Conventional
  • 1004 FHA Single-Family
  • 1004 USDA
  • 1004C FHA Manufactured Home
  • 1004C-MFH
  • 1004D Appraisal Update
  • 1007 Rent Schedule
  • 1025 Conventional
  • 1025 FHA Multi-Family
  • 1025 USDA Multi-Family
  • 1073 Condo
  • 1073 FHA Condo
  • 1075 Exterior Condo
  • 2000 Field Review
  • 203K FHA Appraisal w/ After Repair Value
  • 2055 Exterior Only
  • 2055 Interior
  • 2090 Co-op
  • 216 Income Statement

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