Our Family of Companies

US Executive ® provides “Management, Scientific & Technical” Services to the Government, Defense & Aid Industries. We self-perform, participate in Teaming Opportunities & support our Client/Partner’s on-going “Facilities Management/BOSS, AEC/EPC, Human Resources/PEO, 3PL Logistics or Technology” Projects by providing our Outsourcing Services, Security-Cleared (when needed) Specialists or other Premium Manpower. We also help Businesses, Non-Profits & other Public/Private Organizations generate more Clients & increase their overall revenue & profits by completing their Projects faster, with better Quality & Safety Management & always on-time & budget. Additionally, our Products & Services are sustainable & designed to help all Stakeholders save valuable resources, time & money by utilizing AI/IoT whenever possible. Finally, US Executive ® supports its Client/Partner Projects worldwide & can mobilize in a moment’s notice.


A Message from our CEO

Thank you for giving us the time to introduce US Executive ® and our “Mission-Critical” Products & Services.


Our Mission, Vision & Value Statement

US Executive ® truly lives by its “Mission, Vision & Values Statement” as it directs every activity of our Organization.


Our Corporate Capabilities

US Executive's ® Corporate Capabilities are extensive & our Company represents an excellent “Partner for Life”.


Innovation & Industry Firsts

US Executive ® utilizes the latest in sustainable Technology, to save precious resources & its Clientele time & money.


Our Staff/Team

US Executive ® is a Company of highly-skilled, industry-recognized & Security-Cleared Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).


Our Clients & Partners

US Executive ® Team Members are proud to provide & serve the brave men & women of the Government, Defense & Aid Industries.


Quality, Safety & Environmental Management

The Quality, Safety & Environmental Management Policy of US Executive ® is a core element for all Company Operations.


Corporate Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy

At US Executive ®, each Team Member is responsible for setting the tone for how the entire Company runs its day-to-day Operations.


Sustainability Policy

US Executive ® improves Social Equity & Environmental Quality, proving that “Responsible Business is Good Business.”


Our Safety & Security Management Program

Workplace/Project Health, Safety & Security (HS&S) is extremely important to all US Executive ® & Client/Partner Team Members.

EEO Statement
& Policy

US Executive's ® EEO Goal is to increase representation of women, people of color, Veterans & disabled individuals.


Defending Against Piracy & Counterfeiting

US Executive ® is leading the fight against counterfeit Materials & Equipment that costs Businesses & the US Economy $Billions of USD annually.