US Executive ® is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) managed by World-Class, Industry-Recognized US Military & Diplomatic Veteran AEC, Facilities/O&M, Supply Chain & Technology Security-Cleared Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that specialize in “Mission-Critical” & FAR/DFAR-Compliant US & International Management, Scientific & Technical Consulting Services supporting the Government, Defense & Aid Industries. We are LOGISTICS EXPERTS.

LOGCAP: /ˈɛl-ˈoʊ-ˈdʒiː-ˈsiː-ˈeɪ-ˈpiː/ (Arabic: والخدمــات السوقيــة):  US Executive ® Teams/Partners with DoD’s Logistics & Contingency Support Programs. These include LOGCAP, AFCAP, GCCC & GCSC.

AEC, EPC & Real Estate Management Services

Guaranteed, Full-Product Lifecycle for all LEED/SMART Design-Build Projects Saving a Substantial Amount of Time & Money

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Facilities Maintenance & Management Services

Experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Sustainable Facility Maintenance & Management Services Saving Each Client Thousands of Dollar Annually on Energy & Water Costs

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Human Resources Development, Manpower & Special Staffing Solutions

Assistance over 200K Transitioning Service Members & HEROES Annually in finding Jobs in the US & Abroad, as part of the US Department of Defense’s TAP Program

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Operations & Maintenance Services

Our Team Members are Industry-Recognized Security-Cleared Subject Matter O&M Experts for Government, Defense & Aid Projects in 130+ Countries.

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Technology Services

We Provide Expert 24/7 Multilingual Remote Help Desk Services, On/Off-Site Cyber Security Services, Compliance, Online/On-Site Training & Fast/Guaranteed Solutions.

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On-Demand Client Services

Award-Winning, Fast & Affordable Black-Office & Outsourcing  Solutions for its Clientele’s Everyday Real Estate, Education, Facilities, HR & Technology Service Requirements.

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A Message From Our CEO

Greetings —

Thank you for allowing us to introduce US Executive ® . We are like no company that you’ve encountered & we are literally re-inventing the way Government Procurement is done.

We save our Clients a Substantial Amount of Time & Money by providing our Clients more & better choices for their daily Home or Business needs.

Teaming with the US Department of Defense’s (DoDs) Transition Assistance Program (TAP), US Executive ® works with 200,000+ Transitioning Service Members Annually to help Open their Businesses, Find the Perfect Job, Go Back to School or Volunteer. Join us and do business with these VOSBs or SDVOSBs or give them a job.

They served you in Uniform, now let them serve you again at home or business. We provide Partnering Programs and help you recruit the perfect Candidate! We also build Teams to partner or subcontract.

Let us help fulfill your FAR/DFAR requirements today by Teaming or Subcontracting with our Team of EXPERTS. Ronnie – CEO

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On Demand Client Services

Sustainable Project Investing
Travel Management & Life Support Services
Winning, Affordable 100% Compliant Proposal Templates
24/7 Online Education, Certification & Licensing
PATRIOT Printing Services
Healthcare Services
GLOBAL Laboratory Services
Court Reporting
Remote Jobs
Hire a VET • Hire a HERO
Hire a Security-Cleared Subject Matter EXPERT
24/7 Back-Office Support
DISCOUNT Moving & Relocation Services
Building Inspections
GLOBAL EXPRESS Shipping Services
DISCOUNT Brand Named Business Products
24/7 Multi-Lingual IT Remote Support Services
Marketing Services
Incorporate Now!
GLOBAL Solicitation / Tender Database
Entertainment Event Ticketing
Catering Services
24/7 Translation & Interpretation
Property Appraisals
Corporate Leases
Construction Permit Filing
Commercial Real Estate Sales & Leasing
Aerial Photography

What Our Clients Are Saying

Ciano has been overly impressed with the Procurement & Logistics Support Services of US Executive ® and our Dining Facility & other Procurement Awards with the US Government, the UN & NATO Troops in both the Middle East & Afghanistan. US Executive ® Team Members have been essential to the success & on-time deliveries through their Key Contacts in the US, the UAE and Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan & Afghanistan. We will continue working with their Team.

The Team at US Executive ® have helped our Company win many awards with the US Government, the UN, NATO & Development Banks throughout Afghanistan & UAE and growing our Company by 300% over the past several years. Their Staffing, Costing, Scheduling, Quality & Proposals Team have worked very closely with RGM to help with our success and we would highly recommend their Services.

Angelique International has been working with US Executive ® Team Members on many Alternative Energy, Irrigation and General Construction Projects throughout Africa and have found that their Management Programs have gained the Trust of Owners from the UN, various Aid Agencies and the World, African & European Development Banks. When choosing a Manager or Teaming Partner, I would highly recommend their Team of EXPERTS that know how to fast-track Projects and keep the Client extremely happy.

We have known and worked with the GM & other Team Members of US Executive ® for 20+ years in Afghanistan in Support of the US Department of Defense & State. Their Managers are experienced, highly effective, and perfect for Companies wishing to work on US Government Projects in sometimes harsh or austere environments. Their Training & Development Programs (Engineering, Construction & Technology) have helped our Company grow substantially, become EHS Compliant and win more awards.

Teaming with US Executive ® was a very pleasant experience and their Team Members are EXPERTS at US Government Contracting. The Management assigned to our Project took the pressure off our Team by coordinating with the US Air Force and allowing us to focus on the work to be completed. They are EXCELLENT Managers & Engineers and we would highly recommend Partnering with their Company.

We have known the Ownership of US Executive ® for 10+ Years and we find the Employees very hardworking and their Company extremely honest and dependable no matter the work environment, including Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. Their Employees are extremely intelligent and are GREAT at finding outside the box solutions when time is of the essence. We recommend US Executive ® and will work with again!

Our experience with US Executive ® has been a true delight working with their Dubai Operations for our US Government Contracts in Kuwait & Iraq. They are US Government Logistics EXPERTS and have helped us with both Iraq Customs & fast-tracking deliveries to the US Army in Iraq.

Terrific Company & True GLOBAL Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that always go the extra step. We have worked with their Ownership for 7+ Years in many Capacities (CONUS/OCONUS) and they have our Trust and have always proven deeply Knowledgeable, Dependable & On-Time/Budget on each Shared Opportunity.