US Executive ® is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOSB)

Managed by World-Class, Industry-Recognized US Military & Diplomatic Veteran GLOBAL Management, Scientific & Technical Consulting Security-Cleared Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that specialize in providing “Mission-Critical” & FAR/DFAR-Compliant Products & Services supporting the Government, Defense & Aid Industries.

HR / Special Staffing • AEC / Real Estate • Facilities / O&M • Supply Chain • Technology • Concierge Services

AEC/EPC Services

US Executive ® provides Sustainable, LEED Design/SMART-Build Engineering & Construction Services, Pre-Construction Services, Construction Administration, Controls & Staff Augmentation Services to the Government, Defense & Aid Industries…

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Facilities Maintenance / Base Operations Support & Security Services (BOSS) Services (BOSS)

US Executive ® is a Company of Security-Cleared, Factory-Trained & Systems-Certified FM/BOSS EXPERTS providing O&M Services Supported by Artificial Intelligence Saving its Clients up to 25% in Energy & Water Costs Annually…

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HR Development, Manpower & Special Staffing Solutions

US Executive ® provides HR Solutions for Businesses of all Sizes, Security-Cleared Special Staffing, Payroll, Insurance, Visa & Life Support and US & International Manpower/Employer of Record (EOR) Services (Globalization)…

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Global Supply Chain Management

US Executive ® Teams/Partners with ® and Supports the World’s Largest Logistics & Contingency Support Programs with the Government, Defense & Aid Industries, including LOGCAP, AFCAP, GCCC & GCSC – saving its Clientele up to 50%.

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Technology Services

US Executive ® provides EXPERT 24/7 Multilingual Remote IT Help Desk/Networking Support Services, Communications, Business & Defense Intelligence, Electronics, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing & Fast/Guaranteed Compliance Solutions.

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On-Demand Client/Concierge Services

US Executive ® provides Award-Winning, Fast & Affordable Multi-Industry Process Outsourcing & Concierge Services for its Clientele’s Everyday AEC/EPC, Real Estate, Education, Facilities, HR & Technology Service Requirements.

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On-Demand Client/Concierge Support Services

Sustainable Project Investing
Travel Management & Life Support Services
Winning, Affordable 100% Compliant Proposal Templates
24/7 Online Education, Certification & Licensing
PATRIOT Printing Services
Healthcare Services
GLOBAL Laboratory Services
Court Reporting
Remote Jobs
Hire a VET • Hire a HERO
Hire a Security-Cleared Subject Matter EXPERT
24/7 Back-Office Support
DISCOUNT Moving & Relocation Services
Building Inspections
GLOBAL EXPRESS Shipping Services
DISCOUNT Brand Named Business Products
24/7 Multi-Lingual IT Remote Support Services
Marketing Services
Incorporate Now!
GLOBAL Solicitation / Tender Database
Entertainment Event Ticketing
Catering Services
24/7 Translation & Interpretation
Property Appraisals
Corporate Leases
Construction Permit Filing
Commercial Real Estate Sales & Leasing
Aerial Photography

Serving Those In Need

Lion’s Mountain ®

Lion’s Mountain™, US Executive’s™ Corporate Charity provides Low-Income and other Challenged Communities from around the world access to a Secure Environment for Education, Healthcare, Clean Water, Food and Fellowship.

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